In 1994, A.P.E. began work on an ambitious project to upgrade the Zabbaleen squatter settlement of Torah (also known as Madinet el Wehda). A.P.E. used its 10 years of experience working in Moquattam to guide the project, whose main aims were improvements to the housing, community services, and the environmental condition of the settlement through the separation of garbage sorting and processing activities from living space.

Transfer stations for sorting and pens for raising pigs were created in Kattameya, and A.P.E. worked with the local community to provide technical expertise, and occasionally financial assistance, to help residents upgrade their housing. In a matter of years, the Torah Zabbaleen went from living in tin shacks to high-rise apartments with access to water and electricity. The upgrading of Torah included, a Mother & Child Centre, a garden, a school, a church and a mosque. A.P.E. continues to work closely with the community of Torah to provide a number of health and community development programs.

The Director of A.P.E. operations in Torah is Dr. Nevine Emile.

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