Samia Wadeeh

Samia has been at A.P.E. for 23 years; she was 22 years old when she arrived at the organisation. She rose up the ladder and now heads the department in Moquattam. She learnt to read and write through A.P.E. and has done a computer and an English course while working at the NGO. She finds the English most useful as it helped her communicate with foreign visitors who come to tour the Moquattam site. According to Samia, A.P.E. has helped the whole community and everyone has benefitted from having the organisation in its midst.

Early on at A.P.E. she had the opportunity to travel to UNESCO in Paris and to China, representing Egyptian NGOs. This opened up a whole new world that she would never have known if she wasn’t part of A.P.E. Being a representative of an Egyptian NGO was an extremely proud moment in Samia’s life. Samia is unmarried and lives with her brother and his family.