Naema William

Naema is a health worker in Torah. She has been with A.P.E. for the past 14 years helping overcome taboos in her community by discussing health issues with friends and neighbours. There are 8 health workers in Torah. Naema was trained as a nurse by A.P.E. and she continues to receive refresher courses to ensure her training is kept up-to-date. Naema didn’t know how to read or write when she joined A.P.E. but learnt quickly after taking some courses through the organisation.

At the young age of 38, Naema is a grandmother. She is the mother of 3 girls and 1 boy. Her husband is a driver, working between Torah and the recycling plant in Kattameya. He is tolerant of her work and has not stood in the way of her career with A.P.E.