In Memory of Sanaa / Yvonne

Sanaa was a star at A.P.E. Joining as a young girl, she rose to the pinnacle of the association. Her story begins in 1992 when she joined A.P.E. as a trainee. Once she graduated from the trainee program, she was given a loom and she produced carpets from her home for the association. Sanaa’s intelligence shone through right from the start and she taught herself to read and write and took literacy classes at A.P.E. This enthusiasm and thirst for learning culminated with her obtaining her Diploma in Commerce. These achievements led to a role as secretary at A.P.E. and she was specifically responsible for exporting and shipping A.P.E. products. Sanaa also represented A.P.E at international conferences, in Turkey and Jordan.

Sanaa passed away in 2007 at the age of 29 from cancer. She was a warm, loving and generous woman who left an indelible mark on the organisation. All those who knew her remember her with love. Sanaa has set the standard at A.P.E. and beyond for what women can achieve given a chance, an education and the tools to better their lives.