Hoda Fayek

For Hoda, A.P.E. is a family affair. Both she and her husband work for the organisation. Hoda works as the Head of the Paper division in Moquattam, while her husband works in the recycling unit in Kattameya. She has been with A.P.E. since the age of 12 years old. When she joined the NGO, Hoda trained at the day care centre and she also learnt some sewing skills. Eventually she settled on the paper section, rising up the ladder to become in charge of this section. During her early years at A.P.E. she studied to receive her diploma and as A.P.E. wanted to encourage her education, the organisation did not count her study days as days off work. Hoda’s salary contributes to the household expenses and to her 3 children’s education and welfare. One important aspect of A.P.E., according to Hoda, is that through the organisation all the girls are taught good health practices.