Adel Mounir Zikry

Adel has been with A.P.E. since 1989. He runs the school in Moquattam. The school has 250 children from the ages of 3 months to 6 years old, the nursery and kindergarten years. There are 18 staff members and the school hours match the working hours in the Moquattam division in order to ensure working mothers can have their children in school near by. Adel was trained in education and childhood development and this training led him to implement a technique based on a phonetic way of learning.

He noticed that the rate of reading and writing is much higher than in government-run schools. Naturally this is quite an achievement and Adel is proud of this aspect of his school. He feels especially glad that he works in an environment where he is helping those in need rather than having chosen a more typical career path of getting a job in the corporate world.