Insheraah Sayed Soliman

Insheraah is a healthcare worker in Torah. She began working at A.P.E. 13 years ago at the age of 14, while she was still at school. Initially her father wanted her to stop her studies and focus full-time on work but her mentor at A.P.E.
encouraged her to do both and this allowed her to finish school. Like other healthcare workers, Insheraah’s duties include tending to the ill who come into the A.P.E. clinic.


Mariam Safwat

Mariam works in Kattameya in the sewing division, sewing uniforms for companies. She has been working in Kattameya for 6 years and began working while completing her studies. Mariam has risen through the ranks at A.P.E.
and has done a computer course and wants to do an English course. She’s a hard worker and even takes work home when the workload is heavy.


In Memory of Sanaa / Yvonne

Sanaa was a star at A.P.E. Joining as a young girl, she rose to the pinnacle of the association. Her story begins in 1992 when she joined A.P.E. as a trainee. Once she graduated from the trainee program, she was given a loom and she produced carpets from her home for the association.


1 2 3 Photography: by Zein Khalifa