Samia Shenouda Nassif

Samia’s story is truly inspiring. She has been at A.P.E. for 22 years, having come to the organisation at the age of 9 years old. She began by taking in work at home and training with A.P.E. from home.

Later she joined the rug department in Moquattam and learnt to read and write, eventually receiving her diploma. She got married at the age of 16 and has 3 children.


Hoda Fayek

For Hoda, A.P.E. is a family affair. Both she and her husband work for the organisation. Hoda works as the Head of the Paper division in Moquattam, while her husband works in the recycling unit in Kattameya. She has been with A.P.E. since the age of 12 years old. When she joined the NGO, Hoda trained at the day care centre and she also learnt some sewing skills. Eventually she settled on the paper section, rising up the ladder to become in charge of this section.


Nadia Nassif

Nadia’s life is quite different to other women of her age who come form Upper Egypt. Nadia is from Assiut, a deeply conservative town in Upper Egypt. When Nadia’s husband died young and left her a widow at the age of 27 with 2 young infants, she didn’t know how to support herself.


Samia Wadeeh

Samia has been at A.P.E. for 23 years; she was 22 years old when she arrived at the organisation. She rose up the ladder and now heads the department in Moquattam. She learnt to read and write through A.P.E. and has done a computer and an English course while working at the NGO. She finds the English most useful as its helped her communicate with foreign visitors who come to tour the Moquattam site.


1 2 3 Photography: by Zein Khalifa