Located on the hills surrounding Cairo, Moquattam is the largest of the Zabbaleen settlements scattered around the city. Moquattam is the headquarters of A.P.E. and remains the heart of the Association.

The establishment of the compost plant in 1985 in Moquattam was the start of the whole association. From 1985 onwards the Moquattam site has grown to include thriving income-generating programs covering patchwork, rug and bag weaving and paper crafts. Additionally a school makes its home in Moquattam providing primary education to the community. A.P.P also provides health care and health awareness campaigns for the residents of Moquattam.

In 1999 the compost plant was transferred to new site acquired by A.P.E. in Kattameya. This freed up space and allowed for the creation of an Eco garden where the compost plant once stood. This lovely green space provides the community with a much-loved oasis of calm and tranquility.


The Eco garden was established in 2002 on the site of the original A.P.E. compost plant. This composite plant was moved to a specially designed recycling unit in Katameya, leaving this prime land at the heart of the Moquattam headquarters. This garden provides much needed pure, clean air in the heart of Cairo and also provides revenue for A.P.E. A few crops a are harvested from the garden, such as the Hibiscus plant, among others and these are sold locally.

The Director of the Moquattam branch and headquarters of A.P.E. is Mr. Hany A. Erian.

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