Income Generating Programs

‘Lean and Earn’ Programs – These programs were established first in Moquattam in 1988 and then in Torah in 1999. The idea behind these programs was to provide women with skills that would empower them to earn their own living. A.P.E. provided training to women in both these communities, according to their talents and personal abilities.

The project began with a rug weaving initiative and was designed as a scheme for income generation and poverty alleviation among the women and adolescent girls of the garbage collecting community. The success of this first initiative lead APE to expand into other products areas, including patchwork, paper crafts and handicrafts. A.P.E supports these project by providing the raw materials and marketing the handicrafts products locally and internationally.

A.P.E.’s philosophy was to empower these women to earn their own money, producing products that are sought after in the marketplace. These ‘Learn and Earn’ programs have become sustainable and are at the core of A.P.E.’s retail arm.

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Sewing & Uniform Production Unit – This unit was first established in 2002 as an income-generating project for women from the Zabbaleen communities. Volunteers have trained 35 girls from the local community to teach them sewing skills that helps them to earn an income and integrate into the wider community. The unit, which is based in Kattameya, produces uniforms and clothing for a number of businesses and schools.